My Best Friends

What is the meaning of a true friend? It took me awhile to figure out the real meaning of “best friend”. To me,  a best friend used to be someone who would hangout with you a lot. But as I have grown and met new people I realized the importance of friends and the impact they can have on my life. I would say that I have two sets of best friends; I have my family best friends and my family I have chosen for myself.

My Bestfriend family
I am exceedingly close to my family, I think a lot closer than most people. My two cousins Mallory and Haley have been considered two of my best friends since the beginning of time (literally); Mallory is 10 days older than me and Haley is 4 months younger than me, and i have known them my entire life. They know almost everything about me, and sometimes know me better than most people.
My cousin Beau is Haley’s brother. I know I can trust him with my life. That element of trust is so important to me. His loyalty and honesty means the world to me. Again he knows almost everything about me. I have grown closer with him as I have grown with age, and I love him so much.
Finally my sister Charlotte. I have two sisters and I feel bad leaving the youngest out, Jessica. I love her so much but she has just entered ‘teenage years’ and her importance lies with her friends, so I don’t see/communicate with her as much. Anyway Charlotte knows EVERYTHING about me. We are each others best-friend. I know that will never change.

Mallory Haley and I
Haley (left), Mallory (middle) and I (right). We were so young here!

Bo and I
beau and I, we went to the same school for one year. We had similar friends – this is us in gr10 going to a dance. We had rented a party bus with a bunch of our friends.

Charlotte and I
harlotte (Left) and Myself (right). We didnt have prom at my school but we did have ‘cadet ball’.


Laura and Jenn have literally become the family I have chosen for myself – well more like we chose each other. Jenn taught me what a true friend is – someone who loves you unconditionally, stick up for you, defends you, someone you can trust, someone who you can be completely yourself with. Jenn and my friendship only grows stronger with time. Jenn was my roommate at boarding school from gr 10 – gr12. Laura came into our life in gr11. She had some friends who were mean to her and she came to us because she was looking for true friends. We were that for her. I could now teach to Laura what Jenn taught to me. Unfortunately once University began (2013) my Best friends and I parted ways. Laura lives about a 7-8 hour flight from me and Jenn lives about a 3 hour flight and 1 hour car ride. It is unfortunate that they live so far but this summer they are coming to stay with my for 3 weeks at my cottage in Muskoka. Jenn and Laura know me better than anyone else in the entire world. I love them and they love me – and that will never change. I have told them everything they ever need to know about me – no matter how hard it was. I love them so much.


Myself (top), Laura(middle) and Jenn (bottom).

Jenn and I being reunited after I returned from Spain ( I was there for 3 months taking school).

Myself (left) and Laura (right) travelling around Greece together. Here we are on the Mediterranean sea.

Laura, Jenn, Me
Laura, Jenn and Myself

– Cheers to the nights we’ll never remember and the friends we’ll never forget.
– How Lucky I am to have someone who makes saying good bye so hard
– If there is a tomorrow when we are not together there is something you must always remember: You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think! But the most important thing is even if we are apart I’ll always be with you.


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