Simplified Planner – By: Emily Ley

So recently I have been thinking about School and getting organized. I love planners. I have never really used a planner until last year, but seriously I love them. I was looking online for planners (mostly this consisted of watching people on youtube talk about their beautiful planners), and it appears the two main brands are Fliofax and Kikki K.

Now I went on their websites to try to explore the world of “the rolls royce of planners” and was not impressed. It was difficult to navigate (and I’m at one of the top Universities in Canada), its very inconvenient, and the planners were not that pretty (and vevsry expensive).

Just when I had given up I discovered Emily Ley’s – simplified planner. It is a work of art. This thing Is beautiful. But don’t let my words speak for me…I’ll show you.


So this was the 2014 cover. She has come out with an additional two for the 2015 year. Currently it is all sold  out but the 2015 planners go on sale September 3rd 10:00am 2014.



The very first page inside she writes about how to use the simplified planner. Basically she has made it beautiful and colourful, but down to the basics. SO that you can personalize it with washi tape, stickers, whatever else you like.



The next three pages are dedicated to you. It has a couple lists “my go to dinner (ideas)”, “what will you achieve this year”, “memories I will make this year”. The dinner ideas is great so you can just write down all your go-to dinner ideas, and the memories I will make is two pages so you can write down alll the silly little things that made the year special !





Each page has its own day. The day is organized by hour (column on the left) and also on the left there is a section for notes. On the right there is a to-do list, an inspirational quote, a meal section (write your dinner plan).



At the beginning o





SO this is what the front page looks like. Its amazing. Don’t deny it. you want it. Needless to say I will be online at 10:00 am on September 3rd, ready to purchase my planner.

above is a little clip, that shows the whole planner. and below is a link to her website that will show that will show the 2015 simplified planner.



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2 responses to “Simplified Planner – By: Emily Ley

  1. I like the new changes for the 2015 planners. The bucket list and the notes section in the full month calendar. Love it, I just recently got the navy blue and I’m so excited!

    • I ordered my on the 3rd and I guess I must have entered the wrong address and It is being returned to the sender! Hopefully I will get it soon !
      enjoy yours !!!

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