My problems with Social Media

Give Me a Second to Rant….

The seemingly harmless social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Magazines, T.V., Gossip Sites, just celebrity-obsessed culture in general and whatever else is out there, are changing the way people behave in a society.

Creating an Online ‘You’
This is one single thing that bothers me insanely on social media. People are so obsessed with creating an online presence of themselves. Ordinarily, this would not be so annoying, but it is like when people buy clothes for the sole purpose (weather they accept it or not) that it has a designer brand on it (i.e. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren…), they do it in order to make people jealous of them. The jealousy  feeds their own insecurity, therefore they are able to feel better about themselves if they know people want what they have, or in someway envy their lifestyle choices. This is why people become obsessed with the ‘like’, ‘favourites’, ‘comments’, or ‘follows’ they get. This becomes validation that the ‘selfie’ they posted, for instance, is beautiful. It seems like self support, and maybe it started out that way, but now what I see is a generation of people who are obsessed with finding the ‘right’ angle in a picture, deleting the ones that “aren’t good enough”, and even making things appear “better” than they are. The road to happiness has diverged into a whole separate lane – a lane of consumerism – it will take you in a circle, but change the scenery along the way so you don’t even notice.
Companies have thrived on this ‘envy complex’ and have used it to their advantage. Triangle swimwear for example re-instagrams the ‘beautiful’ girls on their own Instagram page. People were outraged by Abrecombie and Fitch CEO saying A&F is for ‘popular kids’ – isn’t Triangle swimwear doing the same thing? This is just one specific case. It is supposed to be analogy for what is happening out there. Brands like Triangle swimwear and A&F are a large scale envy-complex. People pick up on this and deem it as ‘attractive’, ‘sexy’, what you need to be beautiful, cool, accepted.
The Duck face makes your face slimmer, hiding your arms to make your body smaller, taking 50 pictures and videos when out with friends so it looks like your social and having an good time (when in reality your taking pictures in a bar or bathroom), taking specific pictures so that  they make you look richer, ‘prettier’, happier, have more friends, a better life, than the person ahead of you.
It’s so twisted how natural this has become in my generation.
We look at images in TV, Magazines, commercials, billboards, celebrity instagrams, and try to emulate them with our friends or by ourselves. We buy clothes like theirs, the products that we’re told will make us beautiful, thinner, smell better etc… But don’t people realize there is no end? We are always going to be consumers to so much crap. Companies say “this is what you need to make you happy” and celebrities reinforce it. Ignore the product placement and realize natural skin is beautiful, working out and eating healthy will make you fit (not some new diet secret). We are all beautiful in our own way. If our obsessions continue, we will be stuck in a world of trying to impress other people, and completely disregard ourself. I’ve seen this happen to some friends, people become broke, depressed, anorexic, or spend 80% of their day staring at some sort of screen.


WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO HUMILITY? Or better yet, doing things for yourself, not to make other people envious of you, for your own twisted personal gain. We look at celebs and feel some sort of envious emotion because we think they are better than us. Elenor Rosevelt was wise beyond her years when she said “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. I just wish people would take out their headphones, put down their cell, take a step back, and gain some perspective.

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