Maggie Elizabeth Smith

Rather than stating who I am (i.e. a student, physical characteristics etc..) I am going to say what I am and how it all compiles together to equal me.

  • I am an active yogi: with a love for breathing. I started yoga for the savasanna but stayed for the art.
  •  Travel junkie: I am 100% addicted to exploring new places, the people, and cultures.
  • Indecisive music listener: by this I mean I have never heard a genre of music I didn’t like. Punk-Rock, Rock, Indie, Pop, Rap, Jazz, Country, Metal….I will listen to anything depending what mood I am in. My iTunes library is total chaos.
  • International Relations addict: different opinions and political debates are weakness of mine.
  • TV Watcher: when I come home on break from school my parents will typically refer to a certain position that I obtain with my arrival as “my spot”. Think Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.
  • and to be continued…..: these are a very few, scratching the surface titles which I have self proclaimed to make up me. However as time goes by and I gain new experiences what makes me – me, changes.


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